Without business data there is no business, which is why protecting it is of the upmost importance. In recent years, cyber security has become one of the biggest considerations for companies and we are up to speed with the latest developments, which means we can offer expert advice.

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When it comes to protecting your business, antivirus software is a bit of a no-brainer. It’s relatively easy to implement and we’ve got a pretty good idea of the best options out there. Installing a good bit of antivirus will keep internet browsing drama free. 

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endpoint detection and response

Endpoint Detection and Response is at the forefront of cyber security, relying on AI to respond quickly to the newest threats out there and preventing malicious behaviour from damaging your business network.

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business security backup

Taking regular backups of your business data is a process that should happen seamlessly. Our partners – including Veeam and Microsoft 365 Backup – offer online and offline backup, which gives you peace of mind that your systems are safe around the clock.

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dark web monitoring services

As data and services have moved online, hackers have got to work, looking for weak spots in systems. Dark Web Monitoring keeps you one step ahead of the cyber criminals by scanning the dark web for leaked business data, ensuring systems can be locked down before information is compromised.

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firewall protection

Firewalls are an essential part of any business computer network, they act as gatekeepers from incoming traffic, usually from the internet. So, if anything unfamiliar or suspect comes along, the firewall picks it up before it wreaks havoc in your IT systems.

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resolve cyber security

From communications to complete CRM systems, large corporations and sole traders alike have taken to the cloud. With the shift away from the closed doors of the office and onto the internet, comes a need for greater security. Rather than being an afterthought, security now needs to be a central consideration.

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KnowBe4 cyber security training for staff

It doesn’t matter how much time and money you spend on tip top security systems, if members of staff click on dodgy links or get tricked into revealing private information, hackers can get the upper hand. Which is why KnowBe4 staff training is integral to business security.

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