endpoint detection and response

Endpoint Detection and Response is at the forefront of cyber security, relying on AI to respond quickly to the newest threats out there and preventing malicious behaviour from damaging your business network.

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block the hackers

EDR utilises AI to keep in step with hackers, which makes it one of the most effective ways of stopping them entering your network.

isolate devices

If something does go awry, EDR enables the isolation and lockdown of individual devices to stop the virus spreading.

reverse the damage

Initiate the rollback feature to undo any damage, and find out when, where and how a malicious actor entered your systems.

what is endpoint detection and response?

Endpoint Detection and Response – or EDR – is really the next generation of security protection for laptops and desktops. Historically, it is antivirus that has kept an eye out for suspicious activity on your network, but it has been around for over 30 years and within that time hackers have got a lot quicker and smarter. By comparison, EDR utilises AI to make it more dynamic, updating at a similar rate to bad actors, and responding quicky to new threats.

why your business needs endpoint detection and response

Of course, no solution is perfect, but EDR is as close as it gets. We’d highly recommend it as a very effective way of spotting malicious behaviour before it does any damage.

In detail, it:

  • Is effective above and beyond any current antivirus product.
  • Is able to isolate devices in the event of an outbreak to secure your network.
  • Can undo any damage caused by a virus or ransomware via its rollback feature.
  • Gives us clear visibility of what has happened and any damage it has done.
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