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Nowadays, the majority of businesses are moving everything from software to day-to-day operations to the cloud. With the shift away from the closed doors of the office to the internet, there is an increased need for greater security. Rather than being an afterthought, security now needs to be a central consideration.

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new tools, new threats

As cloud computing has increased, so have the tricks hackers use to compromise businesses, which is why cyber security is imperative.

one step ahead

Security threats are always changing, but with the right combination of services, you can keep them locked out.

resolve cyber security

After a period of research, we have come up with a cyber security offering that protects the main entry points to your systems.

what is resolve cyber security?

Resolve Cyber Security is a fully managed set of security services that provide complete control and insight into customers’ user identities, data and their devices. It proactively responds to potential threats before they become breaches and major incidents, and it enforces high-security standards and practices within customers’ businesses, without interfering with the day to day running of their organisations. Essentially, it provides 360-degree protection for customers’ most precious digital assets.

why do we need cyber security services?

It is impossible – and also a very bad idea – to ignore cyber security as a threat in this day and age. Every day there is an average of 65,000 attempts to hack or illegally obtain data from UK businesses. One of these attempts is successful every 19 seconds, and according to the UK government, a data breach costs a UK business an average of £4,180 per year.

Additionally, in the past few years, the market for cloud services has skyrocketed; from phone and email communications to fully serviced CRM and ERP systems, cloud computing is now the go-to solution. With more services and data online, cyber criminals are coming up with increasingly sophisticated ways to steal it.

Protecting the fortress of your registered address with firewalls and physical security measures is no longer enough. Your data and that of your customers is now spread across various parts of the internet. It is also accessed by your own employees from several locations using varying internet connections and levels of standard cyber security. And – due to the ever-evolving nature of how data is accessed – security threats on cloud-based systems are constantly changing with each passing month.

how resolve tackles cyber security threats

Our team of experts have spent years analysing data from our clients and the wider cyber security market to develop a service that tackles the growing problem with online protection. This research has brought together a number of leading services in the Microsoft cloud to offer unique protection. Resolve’s Cyber Security Service is overseen by our cyber security consultant who is at the cutting edge of security developments, ensuring our customers remain steps ahead of the hackers.

our protection programme covers three key areas:

Identity and access management

Identity and access management takes care of your digital identities, things like usernames, passwords and email addresses. From a security perspective, this is the gateway to your systems and assets. A compromised identity is one of the most prolific hacking methods, so it is vitally important to keep on top of it.

Endpoint security

Endpoint security focuses on the devices that are used to access systems and assets. It’s crucial that devices – whether that’s a company-owned computer or a personal mobile device – meet standards set out by the organisation prior to entry to the network.

Data security

Data security includes access to your data itself, the most valuable digital asset your organisation has. Perhaps your company handles thousands of patient records or marketing contacts or structural design drawings – either way, it’s vital to maintain the integrity of that data.

Providing adequate protection on just one of these fronts is not enough, but with all three combined you’ll be set to tackle the hackers.

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