firewall protection

Firewalls are an essential part of any business computer network, they act as gatekeepers from incoming traffic, usually from the internet. So, if anything unfamiliar or suspect comes along, the firewall picks it up before it wreaks havoc in your IT systems.

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stop unwanted traffic

Firewalls stand as the gatekeepers for incoming network traffic, checking everything is legit before anything unpleasant sneaks in.

protect business premises

If you have a physical office, a firewall is a no-brainer as it can provide protection across an entire network.

find the perfect firewall

There are lots and shapes and sizes of firewalls, we can recommend the set-up most suited to your business. 

what are the types of firewalls?

There are a variety of different types of firewalls available. Packet-filtering firewalls – for example – perform simple checks of all the data that arrives from a network router, sources, destinations and other forms of surface-level data like IP addresses. Whereas a web application firewall or WAF works by blocking, filtering and monitoring data as it travels throughout websites and applications. Each firewall has different applications and benefits to suit specific business needs, so there’s no doubt there’ll be something out there for you.  

do I need a firewall?

In short, yes. If your team use computers or devices that connect to the internet then you should invest in some sort of antivirus or firewall protection. Firewalls are a good solution for offices or commercial buildings because they block unwanted malware or hackers from entering the network system. Besides, firewalls are designed to provide comprehensive protection for larger networks with multiple devices, rather than – say – a single computer in a home setting.

how can resolve help?

As you might imagine, we’ve been called out to our fair share of cyber security disasters. So, when it comes to the best firewalls, we know our stuff. We’ll assess your business needs and then implement the best firewall solutions. No matter what size your business is, there’ll be a firewall to suit you and our expert install team will be able to get you set up in a jiffy.

Trying to set up your own firewall can be both daunting and time-consuming, whereas we can advise and install in a much smaller time frame. As an SME, we understand the vital importance of protecting your workplace data and equipment, which is why our team won’t just recommend a firewall, we’ll work closely with you to install it and support it over time.

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