In the blink of an eye, Resolve has turned 18! Starting life in Andrew’s parents’ home, the business has grown quite a bit and now employs a team of nearly 40. Andrew is a lot less lonely and his dress sense has evolved quite a bit, but his passion for great customer service and tip top IT has remained the same! For our 18 years, here are 18 fun facts about Resolve…

  1. Resolve started life on Andrew’s parents’ kitchen table
  2. Andrew was just a newly graduated 23-year-old when he established Resolve
  3. We are proud to say we have over 12 awards under our belt, and four of those are for outstanding customer service
  4. Several of our employees are in bands, and a couple of them like DJing too
  5. We are a Microsoft Silver Partner  
  6. Every month, the Resolve Horse gallops up to the desk of an excellent staff member (more on this here)
  7. 21% of our workforce is made up of apprentices past and present
  8. Work experience was the way one of our directors started his career at Resolve
  9. We were the first Apple consultants in Sheffield
  10. The footballing prowess of the team saw Resolve FC promoted into League One
  11. We have over 280 Google reviews and a 5-star rating
  12. The Resolve Beer Trolley rolls around the office on sunny days and at team meetings
  13. Once a year, we celebrate the wonderful team by heading out for the Resolve Day which has included everything from escape rooms to bowling and go karting
  14. We have baked, raced, collected food and watched tennis all in the name of charity
  15. After an extensive refurbishment project, our brand spanking new offices will be finished late this summer, making this the 4th Resolve office move  
  16. The toilets at Resolve are twinned with toilets in Uganda to secure hygienic facilities for others
  17. On his birthday, Ged prepares the most delicious pulled pork sandwiches for the whole team
  18. Jeremy Clarkson once flipped a Reliant Robin outside the office- honestly, it’s true, see the proof here

It has certainly been a fun 18 years at Resolve HQ, and we are proud to say the company has grown a lot over the years…new starters, customers, suppliers and partners joining us along the way. With our upcoming 4th office move in the next few months (to accommodate our growing team), the whole team at Resolve are excited to see what the next 18 years brings.

To keep up to date with the Resolve story (past and present), head over to our About page and be sure to keep an eye on our social channels. Happy 18th to us!

Here’s a brief snapshot of the past 18 years…