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Formerly known as Office 365, Microsoft 365 is the go-to cloud hosted platform for many businesses – big or small. From virtual collaboration to advanced data security, Microsoft 365 serves as the perfect “cloud in the office” solution.

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streamline your work life

More than just an office solution, Microsoft 365 enhances day to day efficiency, cyber security and virtual collaboration.

seamlessly migrate

With hundreds of migrations under our belt, we know a thing or two about how to integrate a business with Microsoft 365.

enhanced support

Invite a service provider to administer your account to avoid all the nitty gritty intricacies of a migration.

microsoft partners

On paper, it is just Microsoft Office in the cloud, but in reality it enables the efficient day-to-day management of many aspects of business life. From virtual collaboration to advanced data security, Microsoft 365 serves as the perfect “cloud in the office” solution, offering everything you need to run a highly-productive and well-organised business.

We’re pretty good pals with Microsoft – partners, to be more formal – and as such we know how to navigate businesses through every step of the process when making the leap to Microsoft 365. Our tech team can handle everything from the initial brief to full migration and implementation. And, we actively manage Microsoft 365, which means once you’re all set up and running, we’ll do everything we can to ensure the smooth-running of your infrastructure.

microsoft 365 includes…

office suite

A suite of the most up-to-date Office products that form the foundation of your day-to-day operations, including Word, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher and Access.


An all-in-one solution to business email, including mobile synchronisation, calendar scheduling and business-branded templates.


A powerful video chat & collaboration application, allowing for up to 100 participants.


A feature-rich storage and sharing platform, allowing for tight integration with other Microsoft 365 products.

what we offer

expert advice

Having executed hundreds of migrations across a wide range of sectors, we understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when migrating to Microsoft 365. Be it a cutover migration, staged migration or a hybrid integration, we’ll ensure you have the right digital infrastructure to transport your business into the wonderful world of Microsoft 365.  

a seamless migration

Once we’ve ascertained which solution works best for you, we’ll schedule a time to implement the migration. We’ll take into account your working hours to ensure a minimally disruptive migration. Our seamless migration process is designed to keep your assets secure, organised and accessible with minimal downtime, allowing the business to continue operating as normal.

full configuration and ongoing support

Following the migration, we’ll ensure the system is fully configured to serve your team as best as possible. As a fully managed IT service, Microsoft 365 is supported 24/7, allowing for maximum return on investment. And if there’s a problem, one of our skilled technicians will be on-hand to fix the issue, either on-site or from a remote location.

why use a cloud service provider?

If you’re new to the world of Microsoft 365, you might be wondering what the benefits are of using a cloud service provider (such as Resolve) in favour of going it alone. Here are the top three benefits of implementing your Microsoft cloud solution with a cloud service provider:

get it right

Without prior experience, it can be difficult to decide which plan is right for your business. Similarly, without an innate understanding of the product, you might not know how to leverage certain applications in the best interests of your business. We’ll work closely with you to ensure you’re making the best use possible of Microsoft 365.

minimise disruption

Without a team of qualified experts, it can be near-impossible to ensure a seamless transition from one infrastructure to another. Even just a few hours of downtime can come at great cost to your bottom line. Having overseen hundreds of migrations, we’ll minimise downtime and ensure the system is fully configured from the get-go, allowing you to keep the focus on your business.

eradicate data loss

Migrating to a new system can put you at risk of data loss, which could hinder your productivity and place you in breach of the Data Protection Act. Our engineers are experts in data privacy, eradicating any threat of data loss and ensuring the secure handling of personal data.

why resolve?

For the best part of two decades we’ve worked with both Microsoft and hundreds of businesses across Yorkshire, which means we are pretty well versed in helping organisations to get the most out of their Microsoft services. Plus, we pair that unique insight with our award winning customer service.

Our Microsoft-certified engineers are fully trained in Microsoft 365 best practices, placing the migration and management of your Microsoft 365 implementation in safe hands. Get in touch with us today to discuss our Microsoft 365 solutions in more detail.

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