How Resolve can protect you from cyber crime


Tired of second guessing which links are safe to click, or whether your staff are keeping your business assets safe? There IS a solution to such quandaries… We have been working hard over the last few years in response to a growing need for a pro-active Cyber Security service for our customers. Our in-depth analysis […]

Tired of second guessing which links are safe to click, or whether your staff are keeping your business assets safe? There IS a solution to such quandaries...

We have been working hard over the last few years in response to a growing need for a pro-active Cyber Security service for our customers. Our in-depth analysis of the cyber security issues out there has led us to create a solution that tackles all the known threats, in an intelligent and timely manner.

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Designed specifically for businesses who have switched from a traditional onsite server to utilize Microsoft’s online platform, Resolve Cloud Security monitors and reports on security threats using real-time monitoring, with alerts based on parameters set during the onboarding process. This could be anything from suspicious emails or data specific activity to name only a few examples. Our alerting tools are connected directly to our helpdesk and support systems for up to the minute alerts when a trigger is met. Any flagged issues are then dealt with accordingly.

At the end of pre-defined time intervals, we provide reports on activity over that time, allowing you and us to make informed decisions on the overall improvement of your Cyber Security positioning.

Why now?

Over the last 5 years, adoption of cloud services has gone through the roof. Businesses of all shapes and sizes now use cloud services in some way or another. Whether it's as simple as using an email service like Office 365, or full systems resided in the cloud such as CRM or ERP, it's now essential to most that there is on-demand access to the cloud.

Only in recent years are such staggering numbers as $133.7 billion - the amount of spending on cyber security forecasted by 2022, and 78% of UK businesses suffering a security breach in 2019, up from 74% in 2018, seem to have become the norm.

One of the main factors at play here is the adoption of Cloud services and the sheer amount of data that is now online (in fact, 90% of the worlds data was created over the last 2 years!). Your business, like most others, hosts most of its digital assets somewhere in the cloud, even if it's in the form of a backup or an identity.

For IT departments or Managed Services Providers like us, this presents a set of new challenges when it comes to cyber security. Rewind 5-6 years and IT security involved creating a castle (your servers and infrastructure in your building or datacentre), and building virtually impenetrable defences around it (firewalls, security software etc).

Moving to the Cloud has seen all this change. Your organisations digital assets are no longer locked in a server room accessible only to those with a key, they're now spread out across several, sometimes hundreds of Cloud services. Your data is stored in some organisations servers, your CRM system somewhere else, and your emails somewhere else again. The attack surface of your organisation is now much greater, coupled with the fact that small businesses are often the least likely to spend on adequate protection whether through lack of available funds or a perceived feeling of invulnerability, there is a real risk to tackle here.

How can Resolve help you?

At Resolve we have been meticulously working behind the scenes on a new cyber security service developed to tackle this very problem. It's the result of over 18 months of development and takes advantage of the leading-edge services in the Microsoft Cloud.

This service, known as Resolve Cloud Security addresses the problem on three fronts...

• Identity and Access Management Security
• Endpoint Security
• Data Security

Identity and Access Management incorporates your digital identities; usernames, passwords, and email addresses used to access systems. From a security perspective, these are the gateway to your systems and assets. Some of the most prolific hacking methods occur at this level, with a compromised identity.

Endpoint Security focuses on the devices that are used to access systems and assets. It's crucial that devices, whether that's a company owned computer or a personal mobile device, meet standards set out by the organisation prior to entry to the network. 

Data Security includes access to your data itself, the most valuable digital asset your organisation has. Whether it's thousands of patient records, a marketing contacts database, or structural design drawings, it's vital to ensure that the integrity of your data is retained.

Providing adequate protection on just one of these fronts is not enough, all three fronts combined, when done right, puts you in a strong position.

How will we be doing this?

During the onboarding process, we will spend time with you discussing your systems and establishing the foundations that we'll build the service on top of. Next, a full, third party cyber assessment is carried out which will produce a comprehensive report, with grading and scoring against certain metrics. From that point, recommendations will be made, and we will discuss the most appropriate security plan for you.

Once we're all setup and running, our systems provide real time alerts for us to investigate within a pre-determined service level agreement. At the end of each month you'll be provided with a report on that month’s activity which will detail the events and what action was taken. Annually, you'll be provided with another summary audit which we will review with you, looking at your weakest areas and making recommendations.

Cyber Security is a real threat to businesses, large and small, and by coming onboard with the Resolve Cloud Security service, you're ensuring you have a team of experts who are handling all of the major components of your security 24/7, leaving more time for you to get on with your normal day to day tasks.

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