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Chosen by us, this key part of your network will fit your business requirements and will allow you to grow. With SuperSupport we will proactively monitor your server making sure it always performs to its best.


If you need an entry level server or a high performing system, we can match you with the perfect server, either on-site or online. We can provide (Warning: techy words ahead!)…

   • Physical and Virtual Servers
   • Hosted and Cloud Servers
   • Clustering Failover
   • Virtualisation
   • Blade Servers
   • Storage Area Networks

Due to the vast array of servers and systems available it can take time to work out what you might need. Please feel free to give us a ring on 0114 299 4050, or drop us a line, and let an expert listen and provide you with the best options for you.  



Chosen by us, your server will fit your exact requirements. Whether it's from Dell, HP or IBM, we'll install the hardware, and also spend time configuring the software (usually Microsoft Windows Server 2012), to do exactly what you would like - be that run a database, a website, or manage files in the office.


Server Monitoring

We are proud to be using the best monitoring solution available on the market. As part of SuperSupport we'll constantly monitor your server, which means we can keep an eye on any potential issues and we will know immediately if your server runs into trouble.


On-site Servers

We look after your server hardware and monitor its health. If there's a crisis or any parts need replacing, one of our engineers will be with you straight away.


Cloud Servers

Reduce the cost of maintaining your own hardware by subscribing to our cloud server solutions. With uptime guarantees and access from anywhere, cloud servers ensure your business can keep running with no risk of power outages or hardware failures impacting productivity. Because cloud servers are on a subscription basis, this keeps your costs down, and means you can grow and scale as an organisation.


Remote Desktop

Our Remote Desktop solutions provide users with a familiar Windows desktop experience regardless of what computer they're using. Applications such as Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer as well as your business applications will all look and feel the same. Remote desktop also enables you to access company applications and data from home on your own device.



“Virtualisation” allows you to simplify your IT infrastructure and save costs by installing more than one operating system on a single server. Benefits of virtualisation include the ability to easily add resources (such as Hard Drive space or RAM) to virtualised servers, and the means to backup the full server and restore backups within minutes.


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