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We can demystify what the “cloud” really is and provide you with secure access to your IT services wherever you are. As long as you have an internet connection you can run your business from your preferred location, regardless of whether that is at home or on the beach.



Efficient and reliable email is vital in the modern business world. Through the use of leading technologies, such as Office 365, we can oversee the smooth running of your email accounts. Office 365 has a number of useful features, making it easy to check your emails on any device wherever you are, besides allowing you to view other mailboxes, share mailboxes and share information easily with colleagues.

Cloud Servers

Reduce the cost of owning and maintaining your own hardware by subscribing to our cloud server solutions. With uptime guarantees and access from anywhere, cloud server solutions ensure your business can keep running with no risk of power outages or hardware failures impacting productivity. Because cloud servers are on a subscription basis, this keeps your costs down, and means you can grow and scale as an organisation.

Online Cloud Backup

Our online systems allow you to backup your data automatically to secure UK only data centres. For maximum security all of your data is encrypted so only you can look at it. The key advantage of cloud backup is that the data is automatically stored away from your business, reducing on-site risks and the need to take tapes or removable drives off-site. We have a number of cloud backup solutions available and can tailor them to your needs.

Cloud Storage

Storing data in the cloud gives you a number of advantages:

    • Your data is backed up online
    • Others can access the data with your permission
    • You can access your data on a wide variety of devices such as phones, tablets and computers

We can guide you to find the best solution for your organisation.


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