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Pay As You Go IT Support

Pay as you go IT Support with Resolve gives you access to assistance from Sheffield’s leading supplier with the flexibility of only paying for the services you need. Whether you need IT support over the phone or on site, rest assured a member of our team will be accessible exactly when you need them.

Flexibility over Formality

We understand that not every business can allocate the resources required for monthly rolling contracts, but why does that have to mean you can’t get the help your business needs?

We offer our award-winning customer service alongside our proven and trusted support services with the understanding that fixed monthly payments don’t fit every business model.

As a PAYG customer, you will have access to the same resources and experts, the only difference in our service is you tell us when you need us and you only pay for the work we do. Talk to a member of our Support Services team now to correct your IT issues.

The Benefits of Pay As You Go IT Services

No ongoing monthly contract

Many small businesses require the flexibility of only paying for work as and when they require it. The cost of multiple rolling contracts can be heavy month on month. Our pay as you go agreements allows for only the cost of the work you need, giving more financial stability each month.

Only pay for what you need

Many companies offering IT Support will select packages for you to choose from based on the size of your company and scale the package to meet your needs. Many of these packages can leave small businesses paying for services they don’t need. With a pay as you go agreement, our customers only pay for the services they use, when they use them.

Get the same Award-Winning Customer Service

We are proud to have been awarded for our customer service numerous times, most recently at the Sheffield Star Business Awards in 2019. We believe that real support goes beyond just fixing your problems. Our team strives to ensure you are satisfied with not only the work we do but when and how we do it. Take a look at our Customer Happiness Report for feedback from previous customers.

Who should use PAYG IT Support?

There are a range of businesses who may find pay as you go support for their IT infrastructure works best for them. 

Companies with limited budgets will often choose to only pay for the services they need when an issue arises in order to preserve their resources. Start-up companies may also find the benefits of only paying for what they need useful. When setting up a company, it can be challenging to know the level of support you are likely to need over the first 12 months. The infrastructure in place is likely to be much less than in larger organisations, negating the need for a monthly contract. This may change over time as the company grows from its humble beginnings. 

Larger companies can also find on-demand IT support beneficial to them. Many companies will hire staff members or even form a team of in-house IT professionals. Some others will use existing team members with limited knowledge of IT software and infrastructure which in many day to day areas will suffice. For one-off projects or new integrations, these in-house professionals may require assistance where a pay per task IT support becomes the most cost-effective solution.

What you need to do now...

If you feel a PAYG agreement is right for you, all you need to do is Sign a Pay As You Go agreement.

You can do this via the online form below, or you can download a copy to be emailed to

If you have any questions about Pay As You Go, or if you want to find out more about opening a fixed-price monthly support contract, give us a call on 0114 299 4050.

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