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Should I get a Cloud Server?

IT Blog from Resolve, IT Experts in Sheffield Should I get a Cloud Server?
The team at Resolve are experts in servers, and Andrew answers some commonly asked questions about cloud servers to help you consider the possibilities.

First of all, what is a cloud server? To be honest, it is very similar to a server in your office (or “on-premise”), but the cloud server is located in a secure data centre. In fact, in a genuine cloud deployment your server actually exists in multiple data centre’s at the same time, so even if one data centre experiences an outage, your server would still be online and accessible. Be wary of hosted servers masquerading as a cloud solution - hosted servers only exist in a single data centre so they don't provide the same level of security. 

What are the key differences between a cloud server and an on-premise server?


  • You will own (or lease) your on-premise server, whereas you will rent a cloud server.
  • The costs of renting a cloud server are on a monthly basis.
  • Depending on which server you choose, you may be charged for the amount of data and time that you use the cloud server.


  • You can increase or decrease the size of your cloud server as you go along – it is harder to do this with an on-premise server.
  • The “cloud” infrastructure that you are running on will not be dedicated to you, but your server will be secure so no-one else can access it.


  • The reliability of the server is likely to be increased, as the data centre will have redundant internet connections and redundant power, which means if there is a power outage or an internet connection breaks they have a whole standby system set up to maintain the data centre's infrastructure. Most offices are unlikely to have this facility.

Should I choose a cloud server or an on-premise server?

This is a very hard question to answer in general - it all really depends on your specific requirements and budget.

This is an area that does need some specialist advice. I would be happy to meet you, understand what your organisation is looking to achieve and then make some expert recommendations on your servers – whether they are on-premise or cloud servers.

If you'd like to discuss it, just give me a call on 0114 2994050 or visit our Cloud services page.

However, if you think you're ready to jump in right away, we are currently offering free cloud backup trials:

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    Great blog Andrew - as usual, excellent, straightforward and honest advice.

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