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Working nine to five in the office is a thing of the past for most businesses. Your IT infrastructure now needs to stand up in your office and at your dining room table. We can arm your business with the right equipment to ensure your service is unaffected whether you are office based or fully remote.

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work anywhere

Flexible working is now the norm, which means employers need to have suitable IT equipment that is accessible and reliable outside of the office.

security first

Enabling people to deal with sensitive business data outside of the office network means you need to have additional security systems in place.

stay connected

We can advise on the best communication tools so your team can keep in contact even if they no longer sit next to each other.

equipment and software

Within an office environment, it is easy to set your team up with everything they need to work efficiently and effectively. They have access to internal data, everyday systems and tools, plus all the small things that make their lives easier.

A shift to homeworking requires an assessment of everything your team needs to complete their work. An assessment – not just of equipment and hardware – but of the necessary data, software and systems. Before you take the plunge, you need to ask: does your remote workforce still have access to everything they need? Can all of your data be accessed remotely? Do your employees have the right hardware they need to function effectively?


Once your team is set up in their home offices, you need to make sure their systems are as secure as if they were in the office. It is important to check whether the confidential data they are handling is still safe and not vulnerable to cybercriminals.

With more and more people accessing your network and data from multiple locations, it becomes a much harder job to keep an eye on security.  


One of the most important but overlooked areas of remote working is communication. Hitting sales targets and great customer service is reliant on clients being able to reach you, so diverting calls and having the appropriate hardware is essential.

Likewise, not much is going to get done if your team can’t speak to each other and homeworking makes conversations across the desk much harder. Phones, emails and instant messaging are integral tools and can all be set up relatively easy to keep your team connected.

For example, Microsoft Teams allows for easy communication, meetings and calls with people inside and outside of the business to ensure information flow is not affected by remote working

how can resolve help?

Our clever team is well versed in the latest tech to enhance remote working, so we’ll be able to help your business to seamlessly switch to a home office.

Whether you need a small amount of assistance or a fully managed project, we can analyse your needs, develop a bespoke solution and implement the required processes to enable your staff to be effective wherever they choose to work.

For more of a helping hand with remote working, drop us a line or read this handy guide on moving to a remote workforce.

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