Recover from a server failure in minutes not days


One of our long-standing customers outlines how Microsoft Azure has enabled his business to reduce disaster recovery times should their server fail.

When it comes to securing business data, it goes without saying that backing-up is essential. We all know that without a proper back-up, your entire business could disappear at the hands of malicious hackers or die along with that limping server that you’ve avoided replacing.

However, it’s all very well backing-up on the regular, but what happens if that back up drive actually needs to be deployed? Let’s imagine for a second your server is destroyed in a fire or a flood, or someone nips through an office window and decides to take it out for a walk – how long would it take you to get your business back up and running? It isn’t a five-minute job buying a new server, installing it and then restoring all of your business data from a back-up drive.

This was something that Alan Rebbeck of Jepson & Co had been considering. As the UK’s oldest manufacturer of vehicle plates and supplier to many top motor traders internationally, Jepson & Co had to ensure that business data was not only secure but also easily recoverable.

A long-time Resolve customer, Jepson & Co already had a traditional onsite and offsite backup system in place, taking a full backup of the business’s extensive server infrastructure every night and transferring it to the cloud. Alan was aware that whilst that offered excellent data integrity, it didn’t produce particularly good figures when calculating the time it would take to recover from a complete server failure.

Luckily, at Resolve we work with Microsoft very closely, and together we were able to employ the super powers of Azure Site Recovery which reduced the predicted recovery time from days to minutes. So, now Alan can rest easy in the knowledge that should his server have a major incident rather than rushing around trying to install new servers and dig out back-up drives, he can get the business back up and running in minutes.

Sounds good, right? Alan certainly thinks so, he says: “We wanted offsite replication of our IT infrastructure and Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system with the ability to switch to the replicated system should a disaster occur. Resolve designed a cost-effective solution hosted on Azure, allowing an easy switch over and providing automatic monitoring of replication. Resolve’s expertise and experience delivered a smooth implementation and we can rely on the same expertise and help when preforming disaster recover tests. Azure Site Recovery provided a solution that I thought would only be available for larger organisations and budgets.”

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