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With the growing amount of cyber-attacks on UK businesses, it’s important that robust IT security measures are put in place by means of protecting your company assets.

With the growing amount of cyber-attacks on UK businesses, it's important that robust IT security measures are put in place by means of protecting your company assets.

Unfortunately some of the traditional IT security measures such as Anti-Virus, Firewalls and VPN Appliances don’t quite address all known IT vulnerabilities, specifically user error.  In recent times, we are seeing more and more cases of cyber-attacks off the back off employee user error and negligence.

Luckily, there are solutions in place that tackle this very vulnerability… that being packaged security training programmes that educate employees on IT and cyber security threats to look out for, real-life examples of threats, ‘how to’ and ‘what to do if’ guides and so much more.

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Here at Resolve, we’ve been making significant strides forward with how we handle the ever growing and changing Cyber Security picture within our customer’s businesses. Even though most of our customers fall within the SME bracket, this does not mean they are ‘safe’ from potential attacks.  Hackers don’t just target large enterprises, they target businesses that are easy to hack, and unfortunately many SMEs don’t think they are at risk, for the rather naive reason of them being ‘too small for hackers to be interested in’ or because ‘they don’t have any valuable data to steal’.  Both of these reasons are wrong on so many levels. In fact, in the last 12 months alone, the majority of SMEs have experienced at least one cyber security incident, if not more. 

As a Managed Service Provider, responsible for the technology for numerous organisations of a range of sizes and sectors, it’s our jobs to ensure that our customers are prepared for the changing IT security era, and we address this in three ways…

How Resolve keeps cyber-attacks at bay

First, it’s about systems and tools which we manage and maintain on our customers networks to ensure that as much as possible happens to avoid breaches before they occur. This involves the likes of antivirus software, network gateway protection, email security services, and more. These general ‘security solutions’ can be explored in more detail on our Security Service page.  

Second, is activity monitoring; having total visibility of network activity within the organisation, and taking actions based off pre-defined activity, plays a significant part in reducing risk. This includes conditions of access to the organisations digital assets, preventing data loss, and visibility over the devices used to access systems.  More on this can be seen in our recent blog on ‘How Resolve can protect you from Cyber Crime’.

The third piece of the puzzle is the users of these IT systems themselves – the people / staff / employees / colleagues / co-workers etc. It’s not unheard of for some of the most secure systems to be brought down by a few accidental and seemingly innocent clicks of a member of staff. This is where security awareness training for employees comes in, and why we are thrilled to be partnered with KnowBe4. KnowBe4 is the world’s largest integrated platform for security awareness training combined with simulated phishing attacks. They were the obvious choice for delivering an all-encompassing cyber security training service to our customers.

How does KnowBe4 work?

In simple terms, the KnowBe4 platform provides a calibre of security awareness training materials for employees.  This is achieved via a single location for staff to complete short IT security training programs designed by you. There are hundreds of competing tools which also provide training, but the KnowBe4 platform comes into its own by allowing us to tailor the training to each organisation, and within it, each person. The tailoring is based on numerous factors, but one of the most powerful insights is the ability to run real time phishing email simulations in the organisation.

These simulations are created by you – or us – with your staff in mind. Would your team be more susceptible to a faked email about a bank transfer from the Managing Director or are your colleagues more likely to click on a faked email about a missed courier delivery; there are hundreds of phishing templates updated regularly which can be deployed with a few clicks to the organisation. The insight provided after these simulations gives an opportunity to see where the vulnerabilities are; and crucially, drive this down using tangible scores and metrics for tracking your risk.

By monitoring your organisations risk profile over time, you can demonstrate real world ROI for the platform. Where your team may be 25% ‘phish-prone’ today, by running phishing campaigns and targeted IT security training modules, over time, you can expect to see that number fall dramatically through the use of clever, personalised phishing email training.

This is where we have found the greatest impact for protecting our customers from being hacked; any good cyber security practice will focus on lowering or reducing risk, training staff on cyber security, raising awareness of email attacks, and demonstrating tangible results over time, and KnowBe4 not only does that, but it does it so so well.

Resolve’s partnership with KnowBe4

Resolve is proud to have partnered with KnowBe4 to deliver industry leading training and awareness programs to our customers. By working with us, we can help you get setup on the platform, and work with you to build and deploy your customised cyber security training plan. 

If the KnowBe4 training plan sounds just like what your organisation needs, be sure to get in touch for a free, no obligation consultation. During this consultation, we will audit your current IT security set up, and help you decipher any potential gaps in your cybersecurity plan. If indeed KnowBe4 suits your organisation’s security needs, we will provide more information on the platform; how it works, what it will achieve, and how to get started (if indeed you decide to go ahead). 

If you are already familiar with us as a company, and have had dealings with us before, you will know all too well what a friendly bunch we are, we are most certainly not pushy when it comes to discussing new systems and technology.  Rather more, we are always happy to share our knowledge and expertise, whether that results in a new client relationship or not.

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