Five Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support for SMEs


As a business that provides IT support we obviously think outsourcing IT is a good idea. Not convinced? Here are five reasons to consider it.

Sometimes it can be tricky to know whether insourcing or outsourcing is the way to go when it comes to IT. There are pros and cons to both, but we obviously fall on the side of outsourcing! Here are five reasons we think outsourcing is great...

IT support even when your IT engineer is on holiday

It can’t be denied that having someone around who knows your IT systems inside out is pretty helpful. But what happens if that person is sunning themselves in the Bahamas or decides to take their skills to another office? Perhaps it would be even better if you could have a technical account manager who knows your systems but is backed up by an extended team of IT experts, so if they’re away you won’t be left high and dry.

Access to a whole team of expert IT engineers

And a whole team of experts inevitably means you’ll be able to access people with different technical specialisms. There’s only so much information one individual can hold in their brain, but if you have a whole team of engineers and tech specialists to hand, you’re guaranteed to find the best solution to your IT woes. Plus, the Resolve technical specialists spend time researching new tech, which means clients are always receiving the most advanced tech on the market.

Well established partnerships with tech firms

Regardless of whether you know anything about IT, I bet you can name several hardware companies. That’s because there are loads of them out there – which would leave a singular IT engineer with a lot of different businesses to forge relationships with. IT firms usually have very well established links and official partnerships with many manufacturers, putting them in a great position to tap into the best support very quickly.

Integrate IT costs into your budget

Managing a budget also becomes much easier when you have a consistent IT support contract that is the same amount each month. Of course, IT support firms can recommend when you need to upgrade parts of your infrastructure but it can all be managed sensibly rather than a nasty IT disaster taking your finances by surprise.

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No need to worry about IT

The best reason for outsourcing is really quite simple: you don’t have to worry about IT. Even if you have an IT engineer onsite, if something goes wrong, it’s your responsibility to ensure it gets sorted – whereas if you pay an IT company, if something goes wrong, it’s their responsibility to sort it out. All you need to do is give them a call – which is much simpler than chasing someone around the office.

NB. If you are running a huge, multi-national business, hiring a whole IT department is probably preferable than outsourcing. This blog is for small to medium sized businesses.


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