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There is no doubt about it, cloud servers have made working life more flexible. Proximity to a big black box is no longer necessary, all you need is an internet connection and login details. Cloud server support ensures there is always someone checking in on that server in the sky.

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spot the difference

Cloud servers are actually pretty different to physical servers; you can’t see them, and they are a lot more flexible and reliable.

secure servers

Servers in the cloud benefit from the best technology with extensive security, and the great news is, you don’t have to maintain it.

getting prepared

There are lots of things to consider before switching to a cloud server. We’ve moved over 100 businesses to cloud services, so can advise. 

what is a cloud server?

Also known as virtual servers, cloud servers are digital and can be accessed remotely. Cloud servers are built and hosted on an internet platform, enabling users with the correct login details to use secure data and digital files.

Cloud servers provide a reliable and accessible way to make and store copies of applications and data. Whether you handle customer information or HR documentation, a server in the cloud can be a perfect alternative to keeping items on a physical hard drive in your office.

why cloud servers?

Aside from no longer having to dust or maintain a big hard drive, cloud servers have a lot of benefits to your business. First of all, they have features that are beneficial to multiple computer systems or communal computer set-ups, such as schools or office environments. They are also excellent storage solutions for those who handle a lot of data or those who need secure and easy access to files and applications.

However, one of the main selling points of a cloud server is enhanced security. The security around a multi-million-pound datacentre is far greater than anything a standard office could maintain, so keeping your business data in there rather than an obscure office cupboard is preferable.

Additionally, cloud servers are encrypted, which means that they have an extra layer of security to keep prying eyes out. And, if there is a power outage, there’s no need to worry about your computer not saving documents, backup files are kept elsewhere, safe on the server ready for you to access at the drop of a hat.

cloud server support

The advantages are obvious but managing and administering a cloud server is still a tricky task, especially for those not familiar with cloud technology. Switching to a cloud server from a physical hard drive can seem overwhelming, ensuring that all files and data are correctly transferred and stored can be a challenge.

The good news is we have moved over 100 businesses to various cloud services and servers, so we know quite a bit about how it all works. We can help you find the most appropriate cloud server for your business, we can install, configure and manage it too. Our team will happily help you to transfer all of your important data and applications and help you to integrate your new system properly.

Not only can our engineers help to set up your new cloud server, we can also provide ongoing support, whether that’s adding extra layers of security or altering the amount of storage depending on your needs and requirements.

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