IT considerations when moving to a remote workforce


Uncover the important IT considerations that will make moving to a permanent remove workforce a whole lot easier to digest.

Over the past few years, working remotely has become a key requirement for many organisations, but when Covid-19 hit and caused the UK to enter lockdown, then it became almost essential. Having switched to working remotely, many businesses may now be considering ditching the office all together. However, moving to a permanent remote workforce is not a simple undertaking, and whilst many organisations have the tools to do this, there are other, wider issues to be aware of.

In this blog we begin to address some of the considerations when moving to a permanent remote workforce, and help you understand the overall process of doing this successfully. Due to the fact we have moved numerous businesses to remote working set-ups, we have a pretty good idea of the sort of things it is important to think about before taking the leap.

Download our Remote Workforce five point checklist 

Stage 1 - Analyse:

This stage is where you look at all the systems and processes within your organisation and gather as much information as you can. Useful questions to ask at this stage are:

Stage 2 - Plan:

At this stage you plan how you will all work in a remote environment, at this stage you will:

Stage 3 - Implement:

This is where you implement all of your plans and move to a new way of working, and will typically involve:

Stage 4 - Engage:

This is the last stage, but you will find that this is something which you need to continuously do. In the same way as you would look to engage your team when they were in the office, you will need to ensure that you put as much effort into this continual engagement.

Download our Remote Workforce five point checklist 

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