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We specialise in providing reliable and secure data storage for a variety of different business needs. We’ve worked with companies that handle sensitive customer data and those that have large archives of documentation. Our backup services are designed to provide maximum security and maximum flexibility. 

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totally secure and flexible

The benefit of cloud backup is that it provides enhanced security whilst offering maximum flexibility, so you can access data anywhere but securely.

speedy disaster recovery

Backing up to the cloud ensures that should the unexpected happen, you are on the front foot and can still reach all your most important documentation.

bespoke backup plans

Businesses are unique, and so are cloud backup services, which is why we will assess your day-to-day operations before making any recommendations.

how does cloud backup work?

In simple terms, cloud backup stores data and applications to a remote server. Businesses often choose to use a cloud backup system in order to keep files and data safe in the event of system failures, power outages or an accident, like fire or flooding.

Cloud backup services work by making digital copies of your server’s files and storing them in a different physical location. This means that if your computer crashes or server goes on the blink, your most important data will still be accessible. Businesses can either choose to back up all of their files or particular files depending on security preferences. 

Unlike free web-based file storage, cloud backup systems provide encrypted storage, meaning that only you can access your data. A high level of secure storage is a necessity for many businesses as it prevents theft, fraud and GDPR breaches.

why choose cloud backup?

Disaster recovery: Accidents happen – equipment gets damaged or offices flood, but if you’ve got a cloud backup service in place, users can still get instant access to vital data and apps.

Fast data recovery: Data that has been backed up can be retrieved quickly. This means that a business can regain access to data very swiftly indeed.  

Storage is flexible: Depending on the storage package, there is virtually no minimum or maximum amount of data you can back up. This means that you will no longer need to clutter the office up with hard drives or paper copies.

Safeguarding your most important data: Not only are your backed up files encrypted, they are also kept off your premises, ensuring that sensitive files are protected from prying eyes, theft and natural disasters.

why choose resolve

We understand that different businesses have different backup requirements. Whether you run a small family business or a large commercial office space, our team of experts is on hand to provide you with professional and secure cloud backup services suitable for your specific needs. Plus, we can assist in the precise activity of moving documentation to the cloud, ensuring nothing gets lost in the process.

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