cloud backup for UCCF

Non-profit organisation UCCF required a more modern approach to backing up their data; a solution that placed less demand on their modest IT team of one, and one that was efficient, cost effective and reliable.

the customer

UCCF is a non-profit organisation supporting Christian Unions – groups of Christian students found at the heart of university campuses across the UK. Working in partnership with local churches, Christian Unions are led by students and supported by UCCF Christian Union Staff Workers. The overall aim of UCCF is to encourage students to live and speak for Jesus whilst at University.

the challenge

With a modest “IT team” of one, the manual nature of backing up UCCF’s files was proving to be particularly problematic and time consuming for IT Manager David Holland. The process of maintaining the offsite backups – which involved rotating hard drives on a daily basis – was placing far too much demand on an IT team of one. During weekends, holidays and unplanned leave, backups would often fall to another team member or not happen at all. This was not a safe, reliable or effective way of ensuring the safe back up of UCCF’s data.

the approach

UCCF did not want to start from scratch with regards to safely backing up their data, they simply longed for a quicker, less manual solution that would compliment the system they already had in place. UCCF was using Veeam backup, which has the ability to link up with cloud backup. In order to do this however, a third-party IT partner needed to be in place to host the offsite backup, which UCCF set out to source…

“I have been using Resolve as IT support for our staff for a number of years, so they were a natural fit to add to the shortlist of companies to support our offsite backup. The pricing and service Resolve quoted was on par with other businesses, so it made sense to have Resolve handle this for us as another part of the IT support they provide for UCCF, especially as we already trusted them.”

David Holland, IT Manager, UCCF

A truly collaborative project, the success of the migration of UCCF’s data from the Veeam hard drive to the cloud was down to the excellent communication skills demonstrated by both David and Resolve’s install engineers.

Understandably, David had an in-depth knowledge of the backup drives and storage requirements, and he was readily available throughout the move to assist with any queries. Consequently, the migration was achieved in a quick and hassle-free way.

The configuration of the offsite backups from UCCF’s original Veeam server was carried out by Resolve, who also set up the new infrastructure options for the backups to run in the cloud, enabling the successful completion of the project.

the outcome

Since migrating UCCF’s backup to the cloud, there is no need for David to manually make backups the “old fashioned” way. Now, he can get on with his normal day-to-day tasks, confidently knowing UCCF’s data is automatically backing up all day, every day, 365 days-a-year with no intervention required.

customer comments


“I have found working with Resolve to be a great experience, they ask just the right questions and are very thorough in their pre and post project work. So many other IT companies I have worked with will get the job done just fine, but lack follow up, which I think is where Resolve really shines…


Also, because we work with Resolve for ongoing IT support, they are able to proactively support our offsite backups efficiently; fixing any problems as they arise. For example, if repository limits are being exceeded, I will quickly be informed and we can process expansion of our repositories in a quick and timely manner.”

                                                                                                                                     David Holland, IT Manager, UCCF

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