cloud phones for business

Cloud phones offer an unparalleled level of flexibility for all business sizes. Just how applications and servers can now run in the cloud, traditional communication methods like phones have moved online too. We’ve recently made the switch and would be happy to help you do so too.

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a new way of calling

Traditional phone systems are sometimes difficult to manage, but cloud phones enable enhanced flexibility and reduced costs.

goodbye pricey handsets

Rather than investing in excessive infrastructure, cloud phones are based on a subscription service that can scale up and down with your business’s needs.

speedy communication

Without lengthy installation prep, cloud phones can be accessed from any location as quickly as logging on to the internet.

what is a cloud phone?

A cloud phone is a business communications system that is an alternative to traditional phone systems. Basically, cloud phone systems enable your team to make calls over the internet. 

Cloud phones give users the opportunity to make calls from anywhere in the world – as long as there is an internet connection (either 4G or Wi-Fi). Cloud phones operate via a subscription-based service, so businesses can prepare for the future with improved flexibility. 

how do cloud phones work?

Cloud phones work using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) where a third-party provider hosts a cloud server with PBX and directs the calls. Using a cloud-based system and internet connection, cloud phones can integrate desk phones, laptops, mobiles, tablets and computers, irrespective of their location.

why change to VoIP?

There are many advantages to switching to a cloud phone system, the two main advantages are cost and ease of use. 

Using a VoIP system requires no initial setup and can begin right away via your internet provider. Unlike traditional phone systems which need a large amount of equipment (and large initial budgets), cloud phone systems rely on a subscription service dependent on your business size and needs. You pay for what you need when you need it, rather than having to fork out for extensive infrastructure. 

Another advantage is that there is no need to purchase expensive hardware like handsets, phones or PBX systems (unless you want to!) Due to the fact cloud phones rely on internet connectivity, all updates are online and automatic along with any upgrades or changes in your plan. The fact you can add and remove accounts as you go along also makes cloud phones the most flexible option for business communications. 

Plus, cloud communication also brings long-term benefits. With no need for physical connections, everything on your system is super mobile and can travel with you wherever your business needs to be.

our cloud phone offerings

In a dream world, IT and phones could be managed by the same provider. Well, great news! Resolve does exactly that, so instead of you having to manage various contracts, we’ll do it all for you. Cloud phones are super easy to set up – take it from us – they are much easier than traditional phone systems. We don’t need to install anything on site, and the handsets we use are generic and familiar. From start to finish, we’ll be there, installing, building, supporting, and maintaining, so you don’t even have to think about licensing and billing.

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