The scary & concerning stats for cyber security in 2021


Sadly 2021 was another bumper year for cyber attacks. In this blog we address some quite unbelievable stats surrounding cyber security in general…

Despite a significant increase in cyber attacks over recent years (especially throughout the pandemic), and actually hearing about them almost every day, whether that be on the news, social media or word of mouth, astonishingly the 2021 Cyber Security Breaches Survey recently reported some pretty alarming stats around recent attacks…

2021 cyber security shocker stats

*The cyber attack risk level is higher than ever during the pandemic, yet businesses are finding it harder to administer cyber security measures

*From a year-on-year analysis, stats show that fewer businesses are deploying security monitoring tools (35% in 2021 compared to 40% in 2020)

*Fewer businesses are undertaking any kind of user monitoring (32% in 2021 compared to 38% in 2020)

*Businesses are simply less aware of the security breaches and cyber attacks their staff are facing in 2021 than they were in 2020

*For those who have identified breaches or attacks, around a quarter of them experience them at least once a week

*Only three in ten businesses have a business continuity plan that covers cyber security

The Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2021 goes into much more detail regarding the above topics, and covers a whole host more, but the above points in particular really stood out to us.

As we work in IT, many security practices seem so obvious to, and we find it hard to understand why companies don’t have more defences, or indeed knowledge of cyber security in place.  This is exactly why we try to share the main points which companies need to take away from a cyber security perspective.  In all of our blogs, social media and comms we aim to educate, inform and prepare businesses for all they need to know about keeping their IT systems safe and secure. There is a LOT of information to share as security is such a HUGE topic, that is also why we welcome any questions and further discussion on any of the topics we address.  If you would like more of an in-depth discussion on anything flagged in this particular blog, or on cyber security in general, do feel free to get in touch for an informal, jargon free chat!

*The above statistics are taken from the Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2021 which can be viewed in its entirety via the following link

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