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Meet the Resolve Horse

IT Blog from Resolve, IT Experts in Sheffield Meet the Resolve Horse
You might have spotted this cheeky chappy in our photos, so we thought you’d like to meet him…

This is the Resolve Horse! He is awarded to a member of staff once a month for exceptional work. The Resolve team nominate their colleagues for the Horse if they think they have gone above and beyond.

Last month, both of the technical specialists were winners for their wonderful work supporting the technical account managers. Here are Matt and David with the Horse, proudly wearing their horse medals. The Horse also comes with an array of prizes to choose from, like kegs of beer, cinema tickets and hampers of food.

resolve horse

And Rob won the previous month for getting super-duper feedback from his customers…

resolve horse rob

The Horse has been part of Resolve for around 10 years. He galloped into the office one day to get his computer fixed - and he liked it so much, he never left! 

Here are some photos of his early days in the office…

resolve horse pete

resolve horse jude

resolve horse mike

As you can see, the Horse was quickly adopted by the team. Over the years he has been the recipient of various capes and scarves. He has also had a haircut, enjoyed a bath and been on holiday! 

resolve horse bath

In 2017, he underwent a bit of a transformation and is now the proud owner of a sequin and velvet cape…

resolve horse new cape

A portrait of him also adorns all the Resolve awards – a bit like the Queen on paper notes.

resolve horse certificate
Long may his adventures continue at Resolve!


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