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A Day in the Life of Matt, Resolve Technical Account Manager

IT Blog from Resolve, IT Experts in Sheffield A Day in the Life of Matt, Resolve Technical Account Manager
Get a look behind the scenes at Resolve and find out what the technical account managers get up to, when they are not fixing your computer...

Matt Wornes has worked at Resolve for six years. He started out as a fresh-faced apprentice and now he is a well established part of our technical account management team. Matt seems to like being an account manager, he says: "I like being a technical account manager because it's hands-on and challenging. I can engage with clients on a personal level and, because I am their point of contact, I can focus on both improving and maintaining their IT. Working as an account manager allows you to engage with all areas of the business, whether it's assisting the helpdesk with technical issues, or working with our technical specialists in finding the best solution. On a day-to-day basis I get to speak to everyone in the company, which is amazing."

I spent the day with Matt, to find out more about what he gets up to, day-to-day...

1. A lot of Matt's time is spent at his desk, fixing IT issues remotely. He can often be found on the phone, diagnosing problems for his customers and making long-term plans for improvements to their systems.

technical account manager resolve

2. When his clients purchase new technology, Matt is responsible for checking it is all in working order and setting it up before it arrives at said customer's office.

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3. When new kit is prepared, Matt heads out on-site to make sure everything is installed properly. He also spends time checking current systems are in tip-top condition.

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4. Once a year, Matt conducts audits for each of his customers to make sure they are getting the most out of their IT and check if equipment needs updating.

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5. Occassionally, a problem is a bit too complicated. At which point, Matt turns to the technical specialist team for additional support and advice.

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6. And in between all of that, Matt spends time chatting with his colleagues in the staff room!

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Every support contract at Resolve comes with a dedicated technical account manager, who gets to know your systems inside out. You never know, your future account manager could be Matt!



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