Has Covid-19 revealed the true colours of your IT support?


Switching from office working to home working in a matter of days threw up lots of IT issues. Hannah speaks to customers to find how Resolve performed.

“During times of struggle I strongly believe you get to see people’s true colours” says Resolve customer and Head of Technology, David Robinson at Flexseal. “To put that in more of a business context, this current situation is a true test of the services and support you provide.”

And coronavirus has been nothing if not a test. In addition to worrying about loved ones, home schooling kids and where to get shopping, the IT industry has been strenuously tested by the number of people all needing to work from home at the exact same moment.

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Switching to working from home

In the weeks leading up to the government’s lockdown announcement, the Resolve office started to get quite busy. Laptops were flying off the shelves, VPN requests were stacking up and the phone was ringing off the hook as businesses geared up to start working remotely.

The week the lockdown came into effect (when everyone was erecting home offices in the lounge/ spare bedroom/ kitchen), we received a record number of IT requests. Our MD Andrew Seaton says: “The past few weeks have been very challenging as we help most of our clients to work from home.  Some days, we have had the same number of requests in a day that we normally have in a week!”

Resolve's response

Needless to say, we were tested – both personally and professionally – like never before, so did we show our “true colours”? Well, as David is one of our customers, we asked him: “Having to quickly adapt our primarily onsite businesses to a 40+ strong working from home operation was a challenge, certainly in such a small window of time. It’s only because of each of you that we not only achieved this, we excelled! This is due to the meticulous support, planning and advice you’ve all provided and continue to offer. Thank you for stepping up to the plate and in some instances even going above and beyond the contractual boundaries to assist in the short term.”

This sentiment was echoed by another customer, Anne Ashman, UK Group General Manager at MVIS. On checking in with her post lockdown to ensure she had everything she needed, she said: “I have spoken to your team a few times over the last few weeks due to normal issues. Can I just say how great they all are and that the service is still excellent. All the staff I have had contact with have been brilliant, a real credit to Resolve. Service is everything and Resolve always deliver on exceptional service.”

And Rachel Schofield, Senior Administrator at Chrysalis Associates added: “Personally I think that Resolve has done an absolutely cracking job through all of this – it has been more than rough for you. I can’t even begin to imagine how busy it got when everybody suddenly had to work from home and businesses were relying on things happening in milliseconds. Seriously though, well done to all of you.”

Continually outstanding customer experience

As an IT support provider that always aims to deliver a "continually outstanding customer experience" this feedback was really encouraging. Andrew has said he is “incredibly proud of the team at Resolve – they have risen to the challenge”. The live customer happiness report has maintained 98% of excellent feedback too.

If coronavirus has revealed the colours of your IT support – and not in a good way – drop us a line, we’d be happy to lend a hand.

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