dark web monitoring for Allpack

Industrial packaging manufacturer Allpack were looking to find the perfect IT security solution to keep a growing workforce safe and secure. Dark web monitoring provided all the answers. Find out more about how Resolve assisted with the implementation of the new security service.

the customer

Allpack provides packaging solutions for many blue chip, multiple line packaging users. Established in 1994, the company is split into four separate divisions; Packaging, Polymers, Corrugated and Equipment, all of which fall under the Allgroup brand.

the challenge

Since Allpack was founded in 1994, the organisation has grown significantly and now employs approximately 50 staff. A growing company is the desire of any business owner, but an increased team makes for increased cyber security concerns. In addition, Allpack holds a lot of customer data and in order to keep that locked away and to remain GDPR compliant, cyber security has to remain top of the agenda. Consequently, one of Allpack’s main challenges is keeping data safe and secure, whilst also monitoring the accounts of the company’s growing number of single users. Wonderfully, there was a solution that offered such services in an automated fashion.


the approach

Having looked after their IT for many years, Resolve and Allpack have a long-standing relationship. Allpack’s CIO Claudio Calabresi commented:

“When we have new IT projects, we always try to work with Resolve as we have always been happy with the work they do. Resolve also share many of the same values as Allpack such as success, accountability, professionalism, teamwork and passion.”

Claudio Calabresi, CIO, Allpack

Dark Web Monitoring was the natural fit for what Allpack wanted to achieve. It protects numerous users’ accounts whilst also ensuring none of the company’s sensitive data ever gets snatched up by hackers online. As the name suggests, Dark Web Monitoring keeps an eye on the dark web (a part of the internet not accessible via normal routes like Google) where hackers often sell or leak business information. Alerts are generated should Dark Web Monitoring detect any leaked data or any unusual activity. In Allpack’s case this means Resolve can intervene before any assets are exploited via the dark web, protecting the business from security breaches, identity theft, fraud or any other criminal activity.

When setting up Allpack’s Dark Web Monitoring service, the first step was to identify the highest risk email domains in the organisation and therefore most valuable to hackers to leak onto the dark web. Along with high priority email domains, Dark Web Monitoring also has the capacity to include personal email addresses of what are often referred to as “high-value” user accounts, such as heads of Finance, the C-Suite and board members.

Implementation was very straight forward: the chosen domains were shared with Resolve’s partners responsible for the proactive scanning of these dark web locations, then the system was linked up to Resolve’s ticketing portal. In this way, alerts identified by the system are automatically sent through as incidents for the Resolve team to swiftly act upon.

the outcome

Allpack have undergone a digital transformation, tapping into the best IT solutions on the market to protect their business from the shady world of the dark web. Due to the fact the dark web is not accessible through regular search engines, without a monitoring service, Allpack would have been completely oblivious if their credentials were compromised.

Instead, by signing up to Resolve’s Dark Web Monitoring Service, Allpack can now find out immediately if valuable business data has been snatched, enabling them to lockdown their systems in a safe and timely manner. The automation of the service also means Allpack can concentrate on their normal operations, without the nagging worry that cyber security is a concern. Additionally, the monitoring of Allpack’s individual user accounts also means that no breach can be caused through human error.

customer comments


“The set up and installation of Allpack’s Dark Web Monitoring service was a great success. The automation of alerts is particularly useful for us. The overall project went well and to plan. Our relationship with Resolve is very good and we will continue to work with them on future projects.”


Claudio Calabresi, CIO, Allpack

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