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Why should you back up?

Why should you back up?
Quite simply because the data is the most valuable part of your IT system.

Business Backup Solutions

Why should you back up?

Quite simply because the data is the most valuable part of your IT system. Think about your database - what would happen if you lost it? How about your accounts data, or all your excel spreadsheet. Most business would struggle, and some would completely grind to a halt. Backups protect you from this.

What can happen ?

There are 5 main causes of data loss:

  • Theft - Someone steals your computer or server. The data on there is lost.
  • Fire - Unfortunately a reality, and the heat destroys your data/
  • Virus - Some viruses target and delete your data
  • Hardware Failure - Data is held on a hard drive, which is a mechanical device. these can fail
  • User Error - Someone accidentally deletes data or writes over files.

How can I protect my business ?

By putting in place well thought out backup solutions you can minimize the risks and ensure that if the worst happened, all your valuable data is backed up.

How much is my data worth?

A good way of working out how valuable your data is, is to estimate the length of time it would take to re-create it. How long would it take to have someone re-type all the word documents your company relies on, or how many people would be needed to gather all the information in your database. You will probably see that the cost of your data is huge - in some cases it is priceless.

How much will it cost?

Every business is different, and so systems vary. It all depends on how much data you have, and how frequently you want it backed up. A very small business may be able to have a good backup system for £100, whereas one with a server and 5 employees may need to spend £1000. However, to keep this is perspective remember the value of your data.

Resolve IT Solutions are specialists in the specification, installation and support of IT Networks in Sheffield and South Yorkshire. If you would like to discuss some of the backup options that we can offer your business, please call us on 0845 8990099 to speak to one of our team.

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