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WDS Server 2012R2 Capture Image troubleshooting

WDS Server 2012R2 Capture Image troubleshooting
Tim's got his fixing hat on for WDS Server 2012R2 Capture Image troubleshooting

I recently bumped into the following issue:

WDS error

This happened when trying to capture an image using a Server 2012R2 boot image, more specifically, error message "0xc000000f".

Here's how to fix it:

From a command prompt, type 'dism /mount-wim /wimfile: /mountdir:C:\MountDir /index:1' and press enter. (Checking you have a directory present on the relevant drive for your .wim file first).

*Note - C:\RemoteInstall\Boot\x64\Images\YOURIMAGE.wim is a variable and specific to where your capture image is saved.

Once this has been mounted,in the same window you will need to type 'dism /unmount-wim /mountdir:C:\MountDir /commit'.

If you're more comfortable with a GUI, check out this handy tool (.net 3.5 framework required prior to installation).

I hope that's helpful! Leave me a comment down below if you have also experienced this issue.


  1. Dean hall

    Thanks for this have tried doesn't resolve the issue and not with just 2012r2 if you use a 2008r2 capture image on 2012r2 still get the same issue clearly an issue with wds itself. Can't believe 4 years in and Microsoft have not corrected the issue

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  2. Resolve

    Hi Dean

    Thank you for your response to our troubleshooting guide regarding the 0xc000000f error. You are correct, this does seem to be a long-standing and persistent issue, but we do have one more piece of advice (courtesy of Experts Exchange) that raises the issue of bad media. Whilst we have not seen this to be the case in this particular scenario, we have indeed overcome similar issues by recreating the required media. Whilst the error message is slightly different, the error code is the same, with the steps mentioned on Experts Exchange being as follows:

    “I would redownload your media then. I've seen that error a few times and in every case it was a bad boot.wim file. Either from a bad download or from a bad from ISO to DVD after the ISO was downloaded. Just a few things that might help:

    1) Only download ISOs from the VLSC. Don't use retail media. Don't use trial media. Don't use aftermarket copies.

    2) Actually check the hashes after download completes. This can catch a ton of download-related errors.

    3) Mount the ISO directly (if your OS supports it) and copy the boot.wim file.

    4) If you can't mount the ISO natively (and be careful of 3rd-party ISO tools) then use the Microsoft USB tool to write the ISO to a USB key. Avoid DVD burning whenever possible. Bad DVD media is notorious for causing problems.

    5) If you are using an odd language, try downloading the English media and trying again. You can usually add the language to your media, but for testing, EN-US might be the way to go if the first 4 items above didnt solve the problem. I've never been able to replicate the issue, but I've heard of issues using some languages in WDS if the version running WDS doesn't match. Seems like Italian was one I saw mentioned a few times. Again, I could enver reproduce it, but I did hear it more than once...

    Using the above methods, I've never seen a capture image built from good media fail, but I've seen *plenty* of bad media failures. It isn't uncommon sadly, and can be frustrating to troubleshoot.”


    Whilst this may not fix your particular issue, we wish you luck with your troubleshooting!

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