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Setting up an additional Exchange mailbox on Outlook 2007

Setting up an additional Exchange mailbox on Outlook 2007
We show you how to add additional Exchange mailboxes in Outlook 2007

Often we are asked to allow other users to view the mailboxes of their colleagues or a shared mailbox in Exchange. This guide shows you how to add an additional mailbox once the correct permissions have been set on the Exchange Server.

1)      Open Outlook, and go to Tools -> Account Settings

 Account Settings

2)      In the Account Settings box, Select the "Microsoft Exchange" account and click "Change"

 Account Settings Wizard

3)      Select "More Settings"

 Exchange Settings

4)      Select the "Advanced" Tab, Click "Add" and then when the Add Mailbox box appears, type in the name of the mailbox you wish to view - in this case "James Bond".

 Add Exchange Mailbox

5)      Click OK to add the mailbox, then click OK to apply the settings

6)      Click "Finish" to finish the wizard

 Finish Account Wizard


The mailbox will appear on the left hand view of Outlook 2007, below your current mailbox.


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