Resolve wins Employer of the Year Apprenticeship Award


We are delighted to share news of our recent award win for Baltic Apprenticeships Employer of the Year Award 2022.

Baltic’s annual Employer of the Year award celebrates the ways employers embed apprenticeships into their culture and showcases the outstanding support they provide to their apprentices every day.

Our award win comes off the back of a double nomination from Resolve’s Helpdesk Team Leader, Jared Crawshaw, who is heavily involved in mentoring and progressing Resolve’s apprentices, and Elliot Hulbert, who recently completed his apprenticeship via Resolve and Baltic Apprenticeships.

We are told the competition was fierce this year for the Employer of the Year Award, so we are truly thrilled to be recognised.  Baltic quoted a few key reasons why Resolve was crowned the winner…

Our Supportive Learning Culture

The positive culture around learning and development was woven throughout Resolve’s nomination. The apprenticeship programme anchors every aspect of the Resolve experience; their office includes a dedicated room for study and exams, and learners are given ringfenced time each week for professional development projects.

Our Proactive Skills Development

This focus on professional development isn’t limited to the study room, however. At Resolve, work is often allocated to their IT apprentices based on the learning value of the IT support ticket, with plenty of scope for new challenges.

Our Outstanding Team Support

At the heart of Resolve’s success with their apprentices is their personal, people-first approach to work.

According to Elliot, he receives support from every member of the team: “Resolve cater to my needs and my manager Jared speaks to me on a one-to-one basis very often to make sure I’m happy working here and that I’m not under any stress or pressure that I’m keeping to myself. I’m given plenty of responsibility to carry out work that can sometimes be a little above me and my colleagues are very supportive if I do need to escalate a ticket. They’ll take time out of their days to sit with me, tutor me and help me close tickets I struggle with.”

Our Proven Career Progression

The effect of this supportive culture is that Resolve’s apprentices continue to grow and develop within the business, staying on to mentor future generations of Baltic apprentices.

Resolve's reaction to the Award Win

Our commitment to apprentices is long standing, and Baltic Apprenticeships have been crucial in us developing a tailored apprenticeship programme that works well for us, and the apprentices we welcome through our doors. Jared who heads up the Resolve helpdesk team, where most of our apprentices begin their careers comments…

"It's incredibly gratifying to have won the Employer of the Year Award for our work with apprentices, especially to receive it from such a great organisation we work closely with. Apprentices are a key part of my team. They help answer the phone, build new equipment, and provide excellent customer service and technical support to our wonderful customers.

"Some of the best job satisfaction I get at Resolve is watching my apprentices progress through the ranks and go on to new and exciting roles within the company. Just a small example is Oliver becoming an awesome Account Manager, Will becoming an amazing Project Engineer, Joe becoming a great Helpdesk Engineer, and more!

"I'm very proud of our work with apprentices and even prouder of the apprentices themselves, so to win this award puts a big smile on my face, and on many other faces within Resolve.

"To any young people reading this, who may be considering an apprenticeship - do it. Getting ahead in your career path whilst earning and learning is an absolute no brainer." 

Baltic Apprenticeships Comments

“The Employer of the Year award is a testament to the hard work and dedication that Resolve have shown throughout their apprenticeship initiative. We loved that the nomination included perspectives from both Jared as a manager and Elliot as an apprentice – it gave a true reflection of the work you have done as a team.

“Resolve have a great approach to hiring apprentices through cohorts, developing them, and encouraging new apprentices to work closely with previous learners. They also provide an excellent work-life balance and offer great support and mentoring in the workplace. There was some very stiff competition this year – but Jared and the team (including the apprentices) demonstrated an amazing approach to apprenticeships!” Joe Teasdale, Account Relationship Manager, Baltic Apprenticeships 

For anyone who would like to see the full write up of our award win, from the perspective of Baltic Apprenticeships, head over to 

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