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Improve your home Wi-Fi signal

Improve your home Wi-Fi signal
Our Tobi gives his top five ways to improve Wi-Fi signal at home

Wi-Fi has quickly become the way we connect mobile devices to the internet. Sadly though, a lot of people are not getting the best from their Wi-Fi setup. Here's a few simple tips to get the best speed and reliability from your Wi-Fi network.

Call your cable or DSL provider for information

Most cabling companies are usually planning upgrades in order to stay competitive with other companies which mean that they want to get the best possible deal for potential customers. The catch with that is that most cable companies tend not to inform their current customer if they are eligible for an upgrade plan and they don't automatically upgrade customers either. So giving them a call and doing research on this to get the latest deals and upgrades would be a great idea.

BT are a provider of Wi-Fi

Keep firmware up to date and optimise router settings

This is a must as it is always best to have the most up to date firmware installed on your wireless router. As technology changes and improves, firmware updates are needed to keep keeping the router running at maximum performance. Making tweaks to settings on the router for the maximum output of signal. For example if you are getting large amounts of interference on the line you may want to switch the channel which you are using to prevent this. It is a good idea to first consult the user manual or router manufacturer's website for new updated firmware and how to tweak settings to get max performance.

This is a router.

Reposition the router

The physical positioning of the router can make great changes to how much signal you receive and where the best coverage is. You should try and get it as close as is realistically possible to the devices that require the signal. It should also be positioned not too close to the floor but not too close to the ceiling either. The signals which the router provide travel in a lateral pattern and most of the time devices that require the signals like laptops or tablets are used at sofa- or chair-height within a home.

3d house

Add a Wi-Fi booster Antenna

Depending on the make and model of your Wi-Fi router, it could possibly be compatible with an add-on Wi-Fi booster antenna. Wi-Fi antennas seem to have mixed reviews with purchasers but approximately ½ of those said that they are worth the purchase. Wi-Fi booster antennas work in the same way as retractable antennas on digital radios. While the default antenna may be built-in or minimal, a standalone Wi-Fi antenna may improve the network signal.

Wireless antenna

Add Powerline Wireless Network Extenders

If you do large amounts of video or other media streaming but the quality seems a little poor, Powerline wireless network extenders may be a great help. These devices extend the range of your current Wi-Fi network via a remote interface. Connecting one device directly to your router and the other device in the room where you will use the device. From there, you can connect the device, for instance an Xbox 360 or an iPad, to the Powerline Wireless Network Extender via Ethernet.

Network extender


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