Do UK Homeplug or Powerline Adaptors Work Abroad?


A brief article starting to answer the high tech tourist’s question of whether or not UK Homeplug / Powerline / Eletric Plug Ethernet Adaptors work abroad.

"Powerline Communication" is a relative boom industry in the computer networking sector at the moment, the quality, speed and security of connection boasts enviable attributes over the much wider recognised Wireless Communication.

Wireless communication has its positive points too, but as we probably all know too well has a number of negatives "to boot"; Powerline communication too has a number of negatives (portability, cost and potentially compatability).

Powerline Communication in its conception is very simple; plug a source powerline adapter in one socket in your house, and your mains electricity supply becomes a data network, plugging another adapter in at the required destination effectively gives you a ethernet connection to the source adaptor.

The precise operation and operational standards for Powerline Communication are governed by the Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T), and those who are interested can read more about the history of Powerline Communication on its Wikipedia Entry Page:

Standards are incredibly important in all aspects of life, not only in the computing realm; but specifically relating to Powerline Communication this article set out to outline UK Homeplug operability whilst abroad. Owing to the numerous possible electricity supplies/facilities offered in the 195 countries of the world a typical Powerline adaptor user might be forgiven for asking the question "will my homeplug adaptors work abroad?"

Unfortunately at Resolve we were unable to verify functionality of homeplug adaptors in all 195 countries in the world, but we can give this conclusion - The Homeplug Adaptors we tested (COMTREND PowerGrid 902 - N.B. Standard Issue with a BT Vision Box) function perfectly in Germany.

Obviously the end user is required to use travel adaptors to fit the UK 3 pin plug into the German 2 pin socket, but the functionality of the Homeplug was consistent with that found in the UK.

Resolve would love to hear from any other users who have tested their Homeplug Adaptors (or similar) in any other countries; subsiquent submissions will find themselves added to this article.

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