Create user DSN failed – FMS Errors (SIMS)


Installing the SIMS Finance Module can sometimes be a nightmare! On nearly every PC our engineers come across we get the error

Usually we find FMS in schools, in fact every school we've ever done work in uses SIMS and FMS, so when things don't work straight away it can be very frustrating! If you have ever installed FMS using FMSApplicationSetup.exe, connected to the FMSConnect.ini file and received the Create user DSN failed error then read on!

There are a couple of ways to fix this, we tend to use the 2nd method but it is completely up to you.

  1. The FMS installation disk contains the missing piece of software needed to make this work. On the CD you will find a folder called BDE, inside this folder you will find another called DISK1. Run setup1.exe from inside this folder. If you do not have the CD you should contact your local LEA and they may provide you with one.
  2. The method we prefer is to install the Microsoft SQL Server Native Client. Simply download and install to your client machine and you should be up and running. The software can be downloaded from here (Scroll half way down the page to see the heading Microsoft SQL Server Native Client, be sure to download the correct x86 or x64 version for your copy of Windows). If you are unsure you could ask your administrator, IT Guru friend or even us!

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