Craig is our automation and development manager

Craig is the automation and development manager at Resolve, which means he uses technology to make Resolve run smoothly. He builds automated systems to make complex processes simple to ensure we can continue to deliver tip-top technical support.

Away from his desk, Craig loves to be outdoors and is a keen kayaker, enjoying exploring new rivers and waterways around Britain. Once – when in Turkey – Craig and his friend went out too far on a Pedalo, sank it and had to be rescued by a local fishing boat. When it’s too cold for water-based activities, he is typically exploring the countryside with his young family and two dogs.

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Our team is both technically excellent and super friendly, which means we can offer expert IT support with a friendly face. We have nearly 20 years of IT assistance under our belts – along with several customer service awards – so we have a good track record when it comes to providing technical advice.

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