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How to change VAT rates in Sage Line 50

How to change VAT rates in Sage Line 50
The change in VAT rate won't just effect your shopping, it'll effect your accounting work too. For those of you using Sage Line 50, here Ben takes us through how to change the rate.

Here in the UK we have all been hit by the VAT increase from 17.5% to 20% making us all that little bit poorer! But hey! If you are paying 20% your customers should too! Here we'll show you how to apply that extra 2.5% so they can feel that same pain as you do when you buy that bar of chocolate.

Step 1

On the Settings menu, open Configuration and click on the Tax Codes tab.


Step 2

Select T1 and press the Edit button.

 Sage 2

Step 3

The Edit Tax Code box should appear. Change the Rate to 20. Click the OK button.

 sage 3

Step 4

Click the Apply button to save your changes and close the window.

 Sage 4

This will take effect immediately so make sure you aren't processing anything from before the VAT increase!

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  1. Augustine

    I need help....
    I am learning Sage 50 using practice data. Every time i try to edit the VAT rates and press "Apply" the program shuts down abruptly. When i restart Sage, it says program was not properly shut down. and prompts to check files for errors. After pressing YES for all the file opens. But it does not show the rectified VAT rates.
    Please help

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  2. Al


    Thanks for your comment. Without further information on version of Sage or operating system, I'd intially advise re-installing the Sage software.

    An abrubt closure of an application followed by a report it was not fully shut down seems like an application issue which could be fixed by a re-install.

    Alternatively, you could try creating a brand new company rather than using the demo data and see if you get the same results.



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  3. Zeshan


    I am having same problem as Augustine. I tried different things but it is not going away. Please help if you can.


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  4. Al

    Zeshan, did you get this resolved as I have same problem. TIA

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