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Tim Bailey

Tim Bailey is a member of our Technical Account Managers Team. Beginning his career in logistics, he discovered a love for IT helping colleagues and has never looked back since. He loves classic Hondas, Italian food and playing pool.

Tim first discovered his passion for computers when he purchased his own, a Commodore 64, which instead of learning computering skills for his future job, spent many many hours playing Turrican! He made the move into Logistics before IT, but seemed to spend all his time helping out clients and sometimes even colleagues with their computers. Outside of work, Tim also has a passion for cars. Particularly old Hondas! Although he is a fan of new technology, he doesn't like it in his car, which is very much a driver's car without any creature comforts.

  • Animal lover Tim, one day hopes to own a British Shorthair cat.
  • Tim loves his television too, and particularly appreciates Red Dwarf and I'm Alan Partridge.
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