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Sally Kay

Sally is Resolve’s finance assistant, which basically means she spends her days processing invoices, speaking to clients and generally managing the monetary side of the business. If she was stranded on a desert island, Sally reckons she’d need wine and chocolate to survive.

For over 20 years, Sally has worked in finance and admin, most recently working in a school office. Since moving into the Resolve office, Sally says she enjoys the lovely, professional atmosphere. Although she’s not part of the tech team, Sally still appreciates her iPad which enables her to shop whilst watching TV at the same time! On the weekends, Sally enjoys walks in the peak district with her family and visits to her caravan in Bridlington. She can often be found puzzling over Lego with her son who she describes as “Lego mad”.

  • Sally has two children and a cockapoo called Marley who is treated like a king.
  • She is also a champion at Mario Kart on the Wii U (against an 11-year-old!)
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