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Peter Copeland

Peter Copeland is one of our very talented Technical Account Managers. Peter spent four years living and working in the Arabian Gulf state of Qatar, in the Middle East, before arriving back in the UK when he started at Resolve. He spends a lot of time dismantling Land Rovers and then trying to put them back together again.

Peter blames his dad for getting him interested in IT. He spent his childhood surrounded by computers and his dad bought him his first PC – a Toshiba T1600 laptop, with a 286 CPU, 20MB HDD & 1MB RAM with MS-DOS 3, if you were wondering. Prior to joining Resolve, Peter mainly worked in schools; managing student databases, data analysis and network management. He is a fan of 'overlanding', which is essentially hardcore camper-vanning. The activity involves touring across countries in a 4x4, driving where normal cars can’t and sleeping wherever you can. Predictably, Peter’s favourite piece of technology is an old school diesel engine.

  • Peter has been overlanding in a variety of countries, including France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy and Qatar.
  • His favourite place in the Middle East is the Zekreet Peninsula, in Qatar – the perfect spot for desert BBQs.
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