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Neal Stirk

Neal Stirk BSC, ACA is one of our Technical Account Managers. He joined Resolve in 2014 after working in IT support for a number of years. Consequently, he is well versed in dealing with frustrating IT problems and overcoming the challenges they create. Neal’s favourite thing about Resolve is the people.

Day-to-day Neal can be found assisting a number of clients, ensuring their systems are all running properly, providing solutions to any unforeseen problems and offering advice when tech upgrades are necessary. Outside of the 9 to 5, Neal enjoys taking photos and getting involved with the Junior Chamber International, of which he is a member. He is the Community Director of the JCI, which means he takes care of the charity arm of the organisation, helping to impact the local community. Neal’s first IT memory was breaking his brother's Windows 98 PC by switching it off at the plug and then watching him attempt to fix it.

  • He once auditioned for the role of Milky bar kid (he was a very blonde child).
  • Neal loves tea and usually never turns down a brew.
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