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Luke Jordan

Luke is an important cog in the technical account manager machine at Resolve. He balances immediate IT conundrums with long-term infrastructure fixes and IT audits. When he isn’t at his desk he is usually flying around Sheffield on his motorbike.

Luke says his favourite thing about Resolve is the customer first focus and the great atmosphere in the office. He is also a fan of the variety of tasks he gets to deal with and the fact he is constantly learning. Prior to Resolve, Luke worked at a larger managed service provider as a monitoring support engineer in the cloud team. Outside of work, Luke is a busy-bee, enjoying his home studio, spending time with his son and partner, playing video games and observing celestial objects through his telescope. He admits that his home studio is his favourite bit of tech though, as it is where he keeps all his guitars and makes music.

  • If Luke could go anywhere on holiday he’d do a Wallace and Gromit style holiday to Saturn’s largest moon, Titan.
  • If Luke could own any motorcycle, he would have a Kawasaki Ninja H2R.
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