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Luke Elsom Leak

A Technical Account Manager, Luke spends his days looking after his clients and thinking up solutions to IT problems. Outside of the office he can usually be found spending time with his wife and two cats or “mogglets” as Luke calls them.

The reason Luke likes working in IT is because he gets to help people and solve IT problems at the same time. Before Resolve, Luke worked in a variety of industries including waste and energy management. However, he has always had an interest in IT and installed the first router in his parents’ house before it was the norm. Luke names his PC as his favourite piece of tech and enjoys playing games in the evening. When he is not looking at a computer screen,  Luke likes to lift weights and eats good food – not at the same time.

  • Luke has been cutting his own hair for about three years. He hopes it isn’t obvious.
  • He is pretty good at bodyboarding when he is close enough to good surf.
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