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Jude Coulthard

Jude MCTS is our Solutions Specialist. He has always loved technology and has been building computers from scratch for years. Prior to working with us, Jude was a Tree Surgeon for five years, developing a new company that is still going strong to this day.

Jude has been obsessed with computers for as long as he can remember. In 2010 he decided to turn his hobby into something more serious and since joining Resolve he has become a Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist and a much-loved part of our team. As our Solutions Specialist, Jude consults on the best IT equipment and installation techniques, to ensure all our customers get the most out of their IT support. Aside from appreciating the great atmosphere at Resolve, Jude enjoys the fact the company is always ready to find new solutions and test out new technology. Outside of work, Jude doesn’t have much time for relaxation as he has two young daughters! When he does get a moment’s break he likes to spend time in the great outdoors, walking and camping.


  • Jude has crashed every car he has owned.
  • He once went camping for four days in the Peak District without any food or water.
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