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Jordan Wooding

Jordan is a Resolve apprentice, this basically means he spends time picking up calls, logging tickets and troubleshooting any issues. He decided to embark on an IT apprenticeship because the tech industry is ever expanding, meaning there are new things to learn every day.

Jordan enjoys the relaxed atmosphere and open plan office set up at Resolve, which enables collaboration. He is looking forward to getting to grips with new technologies and grabbing some time in the build room to test his skills on switches and servers. Jordan has a variety of interests outside of work, enjoying gaming, chatting with friends, reading and cooking. He is pretty sure Playstation 1 is his favourite piece of technology purely because it was the first powerful 3D gaming console and he has many fond memories of playing on it.

  • Jordan used to be a chef and one day he’d like to eat at El Diablo Restaurant, a Lanzarote eatery that uses a dormant volcano to cook food.
  • He has a small chunk of his forehead missing from when he fell on some rocks at the beach as a child.
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