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Joe Gleadall

Joe is our Contracts & Recruitment Manager. He is the first port of call for many non-technical inquiries, although over the years he has become quite the Microsoft Word wizard so if you were having a .doc disaster he’d be pretty useful. Joe enjoys the fast-paced nature of the IT industry and the fact he gets to work on a variety of tasks every day.

Before Joe joined Resolve he worked for a church, which gave him a lot of public speaking experience, which is surprisingly useful for his job in IT. Day-to-day, Joe can be found carrying out a number of tasks, including interviewing potential new Resolvers, developing processes, speaking to customers and staff, arranging contracts and complementing the efficient running of the business as a whole. Joe enjoys cooking, reading, music and film. His favourite piece of technology is a Sega Dreamcast, claiming it is the finest piece of technology to be unfairly neglected by the masses.

  • He has recently become obsessed with a Japanese board game called Machi Koro, a craze which he’s trying to introduce to the Resolve office.
  • Joe also likes to combine fashion and thrift by snapping up bargain tailoring on a certain internet auction site. This did however lead him, quite by accident, to owning two copies of the exact same suit.
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