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Jason Wise

A Technical Account Manager, Jason looks after a number of Resolve customers, ensuring all their systems are ticking over nicely. He is the first port of call for his specific clients, keeping a watchful eye over their backups, servers and networks.

Jason enjoys working in the technical field because he likes investigating why things don’t work and then finding a resolution. In fact, he has always thought he’d like to be a mechanic if it wasn’t for all the oil and mess. Prior to moving in to IT, Jason was in the Royal Marines for 10 years. Nowadays, he enjoys fixing computers and keeping fit and healthy. In his spare time, he is either at the gym, out cycling and running or riding one of his three motorbikes. He is also fond of listening to music on his hi-fi.

  • Jason once crashed a tank through someone’s house while on military exercises in Germany.
  • He is a qualified electrician, paragliding pilot and used to be a firearms instructor too.
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