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Jared Crawshaw

Jared works as the helpdesk team leader, assisting the Helpdesk Team in their everyday conundrums. He has always worked in customer focused roles, so he is well-versed in working alongside customers to achieve the best results.

Jared enjoys the unlimited potential of technology and the fact there isn’t much you can’t do without IT anymore. He likes how you can use technology to do everything from building websites to completing projects and editing photographs. Jared’s favourite element of tech is Virtual Reality, he says: “It’s not just about the gaming experience, it’s been used for all sorts, such as creating a medical environment where aspiring surgeons and nurses can practice situations, which is just crazy.”

  • Jared has quite a few pets, including two cats, two rabbits, two gerbils and a bearded dragon.
  • He has also drank whisky with the Chuckle Brothers.
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