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Hannah Clugston

Hannah is our Marketing Manager and can often be found updating the Resolve social media accounts and writing blogs. Her role at Resolve is part time, which means she spends a chunk of her week writing about arts and culture for a range of publications.

Arriving at Resolve with a small amount of IT knowledge, Hannah has grown to appreciate the excitement of a Windows update and the intricacies of html. She is responsible for communicating the Resolve brand to the world and ensuring the office is an inspiring and happy place to be. Over the years she has developed a love for Apple products and never goes far without her MacBook Pro. Outside of work, Hannah’s favourite past times involve singing, dancing and wearing sequins – preferably combined! When she’s feeling less energetic, a perfect evening would be one spent with her husband watching a documentary or reading a good book. 

  • In her teenage years Hannah sang in a ska punk band and played the saxophone.
  • At 5’ and 45kg, Hannah is the smallest member of the Resolve team.
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