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Eliza Szekan

Eliza is the Resolve Helpdesk Coordinator. It is her job to direct phone calls, plan projects and ensure IT problems are delegated across the team. Eliza travelled across Europe before arriving at Resolve, starting in Hungary and stopping in the Netherlands on the way.

Outside of the working day, Eliza is studying a BSc(Hons) in Computer Science with the Open University. She also finds time for gaming, enjoying both board games and PS4 games. Eliza’s favourite piece of technology is NASA’s Curiosity Rover, which was sent to Mars in 2011 for a two-year mission, but is still sending information to NASA today. She likes working at Resolve because the team are friendly and there is a great atmosphere in the office.

  • Eliza speaks Hungarian, Dutch and English. She is currently also learning Japanese.
  • She learnt most of her English through gaming, and that’s also how she met her wife.
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