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Dan Seaton

One of Resolve’s technical account managers, Dan spends his working days solving his client's IT problems. Due to the fact he has a diverse range of clients, every day looks different for him. When he’s not at his desk he likes to get out and about in his car, exploring new places.

Dan’s main aim is to ensure his customer’s IT doesn’t get in the way of the smooth running of their businesses. He fixes issues that arise and looks for way to improve things in the long-term. Helpfully, he has got a long history of dealing with technical woes because prior to arriving at Resolve he worked as an IT service desk manager for seven years. Dan loves music, so in his spare time he enjoys going to gigs and seeing his favourite bands.  He also likes reading, going out for meals and hanging out with his friends.

  • If Dan could go anywhere in the world he’d visit Canada because he doesn’t like hot places, so the snow would suit him nicely.
  • And, if he could have a super power he’d choose telekinesis, as one of his favourite books/films is Carrie.
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