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Craig Bradwell

Craig is a technical specialist, which basically means he oversees the more problematic technical issues that plague Resolve clients. Away from technical problems, Craig enjoys walking his two dogs – a jackhuahua and a border terrier.

Craig likes working in IT because he gets to help people and solve problems every day. He thinks it is great to be able to make people’s lives that little bit easier, even if it’s just making their IT work as intended! Craig also enjoys technology that makes life more functional like his Amazon Echo, and he’d really like to get his hands on a Tesla Roadster. When he’s not working, Craig enjoys climbing and would love to have the chance to visit Yosemite to scale some Californian heights. 

  • As a child, Craig fell out of a tree and fractured his skull – he is not sure he has ever quite recovered!
  • When in Turkey, Craig and his friends went out a bit too far with a Pedalo, sank it, and had to be rescued by a local fishing boat.
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