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Anthony Bescoby

Anthony is also known as the Resolve Sales Coordinator. He’s the chap you need to speak to if you need an Office 365 licence or fancy switching to cloud backup. Anthony enjoys the fact that the tech industry is fast-paced – so if there is a new IT solution in the pipeline, you can be sure he has considered it.

Day-to-day, Anthony’s role requires him to provide new and existing customers with quotes for a whole range of IT bits and bobs, including servers, laptops, iPads etc. And speaking of iPads, Anthony’s favourite piece of technology is the iPad he purchased at Grand Central Station, New York. When he’s not at work, Anthony enjoys travelling, exploring new cities and learning about different cultures. He also likes to spend time with his family and friends, and he gets to the football as much as he can.

  • Anthony’s dream is to go travelling around the world and teach in South America.
  • He is a massive Manchester United fan – his dad, grandad and great grandad were all season ticket holders.
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